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Stones Autocare is a DVSA approved test centre, offering thorough annual MOT tests for our customers with class 4 vehicles. If you’re not sure when your MOT date is due, just use our online tool to find out by simply entering in your vehicle registration details.

What is an MOT?

Most modern cars will need an MOT every year after they reach 3 years old. It is a legal requirement set by the government that every vehicle undertakes their MOT test once a year. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, and the test is a check to make sure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy following the standards of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Why does it make a difference if a garage is DVSA approved?

Any garage conducting MOT tests on vehicles need to be fully approved by the DVSA. That is, that their mechanics and technicians are fully trained in understanding the correct standards and that the garage’s equipment and workshop reaches the correct standards. If a garage is not approved by the DVSA then they are not legally allowed to provide MOT tests to motor vehicles.

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When do I need to get my MOT?

Your MOT is due every year and your car will have had one since it reached the age of 3. Your MOT date is written on your current MOT certificate. If you don’t know when that is, use our online booking tool to find out when your MOT is due by simply entering in your vehicle registration. Alternatively, you can contact the DVSA to find out. Your vehicle can be tested up to 28 days before the due date, which allows you to get a full 13-month MOT cover.

What if my vehicle fails its MOT?

If your vehicle fails its MOT test, then we’ll provide recommendations as to what needs to be done in order to get it to pass and let you know how much it will cost. We re-test vehicles for free if you get the work done within 10 working days.

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