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Exhaust, brakes and battery repair and replacement in Blaydon

Stones Autocare offers car repairs for customers in Blaydon and surrounding areas. We provide repairs on exhausts, brakes, batteries and tyres on all makes and models of vehicle.

We offer free quotes on all repairs and aim to repair vehicles the same day they come in. We’ll always inform our customers before conducting any repairs, letting them know what we plan to do and how much it will cost. As an independent garage, we offer competitive prices but always work to high standards so our customers get the best value for money on their car repairs.

Exhaust repair and replacement

Your exhaust can easily rust and corrode due to weather conditions, acidic moisture or short journeys where the moisture doesn’t have enough time to evaporate. If your exhaust is making a loud noise, it means there is a problem with your silencer. Or if there is a rattle or vibration it can mean that something is loose underneath your vehicle. Signs or rust or any cracks or holes in the system can often just be on the surface, but our free health check helps determine if there is something more serious going on.

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Brake pads, discs and drums

Your brake system is made up of a number of different components including the brake pads, discs, drums, callipers, master cylinder and brake fluid. Here are some of the most common problems with your brakes and what they mean:

Soft brake pedal – if your brake pedal feels soft, or can press to the floor with little or no resistance then we recommend that you stop driving your vehicle. This happens normally because of a leak in the braking system, so check your brake fluid levels under your bonnet. It may mean that your master cylinder needs replacing, which is the part that sends out the brake fluid.

Car pulling to one side – This is normally down to the caliper. Your calliper pressed the ‘pad’ against the drum in order to slow down the car. Sometimes a caliper can freeze up over time and get stuck, which means the pressure on the pads will be uneven and the car will pull. In this case the caliper normally needs replacing. It might also be nothing to do with the brakes, and it could be something wrong with your tyres, during our free health check we can look at these too.

Juddering from the car – If your car shakes when your brakes are applied, we will need to test your brake drums as these might need replacing.

Grinding noises – If there are grinding noises coming from your car it can indicate the need for new brake pads. We don’t recommend driving with severely worn brake pads so get your car down to your local garage as soon as you can.

Battery replacement

At Stones Autocare, we can also check your battery for free during our health check. It may need a simple recharge or repair, but we also replace batteries if your car will need a new one. Battery life can depend on how often you’re driving your car and the length of your trips as well as environmental conditions. Typically, your car battery will need replacing at some point between 3 and 5 years.


We offer a tyre fitting service for our customers at Stones Autocentre if you need new tyres. Tyre tread depth should never be below 1.6mm otherwise, they can be dangerous on the roads. Ensure your safety and book your tyre replacement today.

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