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Fault code reading and car diagnostic software in Blaydon

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What is an engine diagnostic test?

Your engine diagnostic test is a simple procedure that uses particular software to diagnose and identify trouble codes that affect your dashboard lights. When either your check engine light, ABS or airbag lights, oil or battery lights come on your dashboard, your engine diagnostic test can find the route of the problem.

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How does the diagnostic test work?

Modern cars have a computer built into their system connecting to the engine bay detecting electrical components and fluid levels. If your dashboard warning lights come on, we’ll connect a car diagnostic tool, sometimes called a fault code reader, that scans the system and reads the trouble codes that are present. These codes can then be deciphered by our expert mechanics at Stones Autocentre so that we can find the problem and come up with a solution to solve it.

What repairs are needed?

If repairs are needed it will very much depend on the codes that are identified during the test. A motors computer can be quite complex, and any number of issues could be affecting your car for a warning light to appear. At Stones Autocentre, we’ll find out what the problem is and then we’ll present to you what repairs are required in order to get your vehicle back in working order. We will price up the repairs and will do the work once we get the OK from you.

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